• Unfulfilled in your personal and/or professional life…

  • Lost and uncertain about making big or small decisions in your life and work, while tired of living the same day over and over again…

  • That there’s got to be more to life than what you’re currently experiencing…

  • Like you were destined to do something significant with your life but unsure about what that is and too scared to make any drastic changes…

If so, then you already know that there are changes that you WANT to make in your life, and we all know what a minefield it can be trying to get some clear direction on WHAT and HOW to make those changes?


Through our own personal journeys of facing and overcoming challenges to create outcomes beyond our wildest imagination, we deciphered the 7 steps that we had to go through to create the experiences that dreams are made of and which have since changed the trajectory of our lives.

You no longer have to feel…

Confused, lost, alone, frustrated, uncertain, discouraged, angry, desperate, despondent, 

hopeless, insecure or unworthy.

Introducing the Odyssey Code 7 Week Progamme

The Odyssey Code is a 7 Step, 7 week online group programme starting from February 20, 2020 and running for 7 weeks, for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives, but are not sure where or how to start and need someone to walk the journey with them.

It’s a journey of self discovery!

It’s a journey that’s shaped to give you the clarity, the inspiration, the motivation and the accountability to achieve and build your life, one goal at a time.

Once you start this journey, there is no turning back!

  • A structured 7 week, 7 step process, starting with gaining awareness of where your life is out of balance
  • Guidance and exercises to help you master each step
  • A library of meditations you can download and listen to whenever and wherever you want
  • A community of supportive cohorts to share the journey with, to help and inspire you
  • Three different perspectives on each step
  • Practical advice and stories from people who have been through the process
PLUS you don’t have to do it alone – the community is here to support and encourage you!
It’s for intrepid “life” travellers who are ready and willing to take intentional action towards creating the life journey they are destined for and deserving of.
"The Odyssey Course really covers it all. It takes you to get things clear, being aware of where you stop and where you can take action. Helping you to grow and follow your dreams. Very helpful exercises, meditations, questions that make you think and peeling off the layers to come to a deeper connection to yourself. Plus being in touch every week live with the coaches gives an added value. I can really recommend this to anyone."
Meike L
Past Participant


Gain awareness of where you currently stand in relation to your ideal life experience and where you should be focussing your attention and energy.

Gain clarity on what you want to change or achieve and what will truly make you feel happy and fulfilled as you travel along this path.

Learn and implement the tools and practices to make your goals and visions tangible.

Lock in your commitment & accountability to ensure that you follow through with the action steps required to bring your goals and vision to life.

Overcome your fears and begin taking inspired, intentional action, one small step at a time.

Recognise and amplify the manifestations that begin to show up for you along the journey.

"The Odyssey Code has been very helpful to me. I have always wanted to make changes in my life but never really got to start with anything. With the code I got to acknowledge and accept my flaws, be clear on what I want for myself and plan out my action steps to get at it. I got to share my journey with those around me, which helped me stay true to myself and actually act on what I had set out for myself.I sincerely appreciate the guidance and support from my fellow journeyers, everyone contributed to making this life changing experience a great one for me. A big thank you to the founders of the course, thank you for this beautiful and helpful course."
Andiswe K
Past Participant


Hi, we’re Melanie, Alison & Abigail – otherwise known as “The Odyssey Team” – and we’ve spent years on our own odysseys of growth and personal discovery.

"Amazing course that will have things around you changing a huge amount without you even realising why."​
Cameron DK
Past Participant

When does the Odyssey Code start?

We’re launching on February 20th, 2020 and it lasts for seven weeks.

Can I do the whole course all at once?

Each week’s lessons are released during that specific week. There are seven steps and each of the steps have five different lessons and a live call (which will also be recorded to listen to later) where we check in and discuss the week’s material. You can do one of the five lessons every day (set aside about 20-30 minutes per day) or do them in a big weekly batch. It is up to you.

 What does it cost?

Join this life changing course for only R997 in total for the full seven weeks.

What else do I need?

A journal and a pen and some quiet time to do the exercises.

"I felt helpless, hopeless and at a complete loss on which way to turn and what to do – I needed help!! The answer to my prayers……The Odyssey Code. I have done many self-development and introspection courses but this one is so different. I liked the idea of it being on line, a seven-week guided programme and being part of a community which helped keep me motivated and accountable, mostly to myself. It gave me the opportunity through the various tasks, to visit and work through the beliefs and blocks which were preventing me from owning and taking responsibility for the one thing I was born to BE and DO. It is now time and I now choose to live my own dream."​
Theresa A
Past Participant
"I have done other personal growth programmes but with The Odyssey Code it was a much more personal group where I felt comfortable sharing my fears because I received the support and also guidance from the group about how they reached their goals and some very unbelievable achievements. "​
Past Participant