Everything you want lies on the other side of BECOMING the you who becomes you

I was thinking the other day about how the words Be and Become relate to each other. At a minimum level when we want to change our life, the best (actually the only) way to manifest what we want is to embrace a new identity – to Be-come the person who lives that new life.

The root of the word is obviously the Be – the inherent identity and embodying of something. The come part suggests a movement or shift of some sorts, away from what was to what can be.

Becoming as Beginning to Be

The Oxford definition of the word Become says it means to Begin to be.

So, it implies there was something that you were not being and now you are changing and beginning to be that. I think that’s cool – when we can decide that from now on, we begin to be a certain way. It feels empowered and courageous.

Becoming as Enhancement

But there is a second meaning to the word become and it relates to clothing specifically – it means to look good on or to suit someone. We use it to say that a certain piece of material that we wrap around our bodies enhance or show us to an advantage. That dress becomes you – it looks good on you.

So, let’s apply this now to what I think inner work should be all about.

A gunky treasure chest

Imagine this beat up treasure chest that has seen a lot of adventures – and was dumped somewhere in the ocean after a pirate skirmish. Over time, the hinges rusted shut and it was covered with barnacles and choked with sea weeds, filled with shifting sands. If you just came upon it like that, it would be hard to see or appreciate what is there underneath all that gunk – it’s just this lump of stuff on the ocean floor.

That’s us – covered with barnacle traumas, choked by the seaweeds of how society has programmed us to think, our innermost beings rusted shut, filled with the distractions of everyday life’s sea sand and nibbling fishes.

The no-effort way

And if we don’t really do the inner personal growth work, we can easily go through life as a lump on the seafloor. It’s effortless – you just stay the same and create your future based on what you were in the past. Lots of people are doing that.

Do you want to be just another lump on the sea floor?

The better way

But the point of doing the work to open up the rusty hinges of our subconscious minds, our patterns and our emotional beingness, painstakingly picking off the trauma-barnacles, moving the sand distractions out and getting rid of the programmed seaweeds, is to restore the treasure chest to what was there all along. We’re not adding stuff – we’re uncovering what is there that is beautiful and unique and amazing.

Becoming you

You are not becoming something else, you are becoming you, in that you are discovering who the real you is, opening up the lid to that be-ing, and getting rid of everything that doesn’t serve you, or suit you or help you shine your treasure or be your purpose in life.

A grand reflection

And when you’ve begun to be a beautifully restored treasure chest, life will probably start to reflect that and a diver might come along and take you to be exhibited in a grand palace somewhere – your outer conditions of abundance and happiness beginning to reflect the beautiful inner condition of being seaweed- and sand- and rust and barnacle-free. Do you get it?

We need to unearth and become the treasures that we are, underneath the gunk.

I think this is the real secret of how we should be changing our lives and approaching manifesting our dreams – you become you – as in you start to be the real, beautiful, awesome, unencumbered you living the life that reflects all that.


And you know what, you literally also becomes you – the real you inside looks good on you, the best version of you enhances you and it embellishes everything about you and it shows you off to your absolute advantage. It makes you more attractive – to other people and to the richly enjoyable experiences and possessions that you are wanting. You attract them to you like a magnet – because you are attract-(ive) in your being.

So, this is the truth that will change it all: everything you want lies on the other side of you becoming the you that becomes you.

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