Imagine that you are doing a day hike this morning. Which of the answers applies best to the way you would approach it?

Would you make a list of all the equipment you need beforehand, or would you just grab your shoes as you head out the house?

While you are on the path you see a sign that says "Waterfall" with an arrow to the right. You don't know how far away it is or what the path is like. Do you turn to your right and go and look for the waterfall, or do you continue to your original destination?

While you are hiking, you find a lovely place to sit overlooking a beautiful view. You are only halfway. What do you do:

What sort of food did you bring along?

If you didn't get to finish the hike in full, how disappointed would you be?

Would you do this hike again next week or would you rather do a different trail?

What is your journey archetype?

You are a squirrel! While squirrels are goal driven in their need to look for acorns and they have excellent eye-sight to see that goal, they also are quite spontaneous and they will scurry about busily and investigate whenever something new catches their attention. They eat a variety of foods, just like you might be busy at this moment with a variety of projects that have caught your attention. The challenge of the squirrel is often a lack of planning, specialisation and a single-minded focus, as the squirrel is easily distracted by new opportunities that might come along. Tasks that seem too difficult are abandoned sometimes if challenges arise. Squirrels are playful and sincere and do not take life too seriously. They live in the moment, while also managing to reach some of their goals, sometimes - if nothing distracts them along the way.

You are an ant. You like to plan and once you've latched onto your goal you are single-minded in your focus. Ants are hard workers and highly disciplined. They get things done, are not easily distracted and show great courage and resilience in going after their goals. They work well in teams, but only with other ants that are also single-minded and disciplined, and partnerships like this are highly successful. In their purpose driven, ultra-planned lives ants however miss opportunities and moments along the way, because they are all about the end-result and not enjoying the journey. Enjoyment of the moment or of the journey is not a priority. Ants always follow through and they'll go over, under or through any obstacles they might encounter. However the process is a hard slog, rather than an inspirational and fun excursion. Ants do not fail, and because their vision is always locked onto their future prize or what they have to do next, they sometimes forget to enjoy where they are and what they are doing right now.

You are an eagle. Eagles use the externals of the world in order to reach their goals quite well. They have fantastic eyesight and vision and they know where and when to hunt in order to find their prey. Once they have their prey in sight they swoop down determinedly and aggressively. But eagles also love flying high above the world, having a bigger vision of what is going on and they glide on the thermal air currents almost like surfers riding the waves. Even though they are strategically positioning themselves for the kill, they often enjoy parts of the process of getting there too. They believe in themselves and the power of their wings to carry them through life.

You are a butterfly. Butterflies have the most fun of all, flitting along the flowers, intuitively choosing where to stop for the next joyful moment. They make the world a more beautiful place with their grace and spontaneity. Their main challenge, however, is that they do not plan much and are easily distracted by the next pretty flower in their path. They are quite fragile and prefer not to confront obstacles in their path. Rather, they abandon the path without too much anguish and fly off somewhere else. This sometimes makes it difficult for them to reach their goals, or even to know exactly what their goals are, and they can easily feel a bit lost.

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