What are you DOING to Manifest your Dreams?

We’ve had it backwards all along.
The big lie about modern-day success is that we have to do a whole bunch of things before we get the things we hope to have in life.

We have to go to college. We have to work a job. We have to meet someone nice, get married and have children. We have to work and save until we retire. And then we can enjoy life.
THEN we will get the things we hope to HAVE in life, but only once we’ve DONE all those things.

But manifestation and getting the things we want works the other way around.

The origins of the doing

Yes we do have to DO something to get what we want from life, but it all depends on the origins of the DOING.

If the action we take stems from a desire to have, we’ll often find that we work ourselves to the ground while the target we desire remains constantly out of reach. Always moving just beyond our grasp and thus necessitating even more work, longer hours, harder graft.

Doing is the final step and not the first

When there’s a thing, an experience or an outcome that we desire, what we do to achieve that is the final step in the process, not the first.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the having only comes from us taking action based in what it takes to get that thing.
“Whatever it takes”

We’ve been taught that in order to HAVE more we have to DO more.

Action Reward

It starts out with our parents saying – “If you clean you’ll room, you can watch tv. If you take out the rubbish, you can have ice-cream.” Your very basic reward recipe.

Then we grew up and were told by some very slick marketing experts that in order to get the sales, success and the income we’ve been told to desire, we have to implement some very specific tactics and strategies, or buy this or that product or service. Then our desire will be fulfilled and that empty feeling we have will go away.

The truth is, the first step in the process is not about doing at all. (If you want to know what that step is, check out our awesome free Mini-class at the link below.)

Get off the couch

At the same time though, we can’t stop taking action, we can’t stop the DOING. It is unrealistic for us to daydream about the things, people, places and experiences that we want, without getting off the couch and still expecting those things to manifest. That’s lunacy and wishful thinking to expect that.

So what are you doing to manifest your dreams?

If there’s one rule about doing that will ensure that we reap the rewards, it’s that the doing should always feel good and should always come from a place of alignment.

Doing should always feel good and always come from a place of alignment

Yes, we’re not always going to want to do the bookkeeping, or have a difficult conversation or take some scary action that’s outside of our comfort zone. Those things don’t feel good. But if that activity connects to and moves us closer to the manifestation and if our desire for the manifestation is stronger than the resistance to doing the thing, then it’s an action we must take.

The most important doing

And taking those kinds of actions gives us the bedrock for the most important doing of all – seeing, experiencing and acknowledging micro-instances of the outcome you want. When we pay attention (doing) to examples of the thing we’re wanting to manifest happening in our daily lives already, we begin to sharpen our focus and our brain begins to mould accordingly. We actually begin to believe that our manifestation is becoming a reality, because we realise that we’re already experiencing (or manifesting) snippets of it.

If the action hurts us, hurts someone else, or hurts the planet, or if the action is one that we haven’t consciously thought about and chosen for ourselves, then it’s probably an action we shouldn’t take.

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